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Funny gifts for millennials this Christmas

Millennials are now one of the hardest groups to buy for. With the majority of them now working and able to buy themselves the basics, how do you choose a gift for someone that has everything they need?

The answer to this is to buy funny gifts. Something semi-practical and entirely entertaining. So here’s our breakdown of funny gifts for millennials this Christmas.

*Note at the time of writing, all gifts are available for next day delivery right up until the 16th December as long as they are ordered by 7pm unless otherwise specified. For more information please double check the retailers websites.


1) Sushi Socks 


Amazing sushi socks for any sushi fan
£8.99 per pair or £39.99 for all 7

As we all know, no Christmas is complete without a pair of novelty socks. And what could be better than a pair of socks with sushi on them? Choose from 7 different designs, including top favourites salmon sushi, tuna sushi, prawn, masuzushi, octopus, red caviar and of course traditional Japanese egg. Each pair rolls up to look like an actual sushi dish and when worn displays the deliciousness of Japanese cuisine at its finest. Especially good for people who have smelly feet as they’ll finally be able to have an excuse!

Each pair is made from soft polycotton and they come in one size fits most (22 – 27cm)


2) Star Wars Themed Light-Up Chopsticks


Choose your allegiance with colours: Yoda Green, Darth Red or Luke Blue

Continuing with our Asian theme we have some Light Sabre chopsticks. Officially licensed by Lucas Films, these bad boys are ready to light up at the sight of every hungover Chinese takeaway day. Perfect for people living on their own, or even better as a gift to people living together. Let each meal become a battle to remember.

3) The Ultimate Beard Bib



No millennial hipster male is complete without a hipster beard, much to the disappointment of whoever has to clean the sink after a tidy up. Bring him back to his childhood days with a bib, except this time the bib catches all those stray hairs that seem to lurk in the soap, sink crevices and the floor for days – or even weeks past his last shave. These bibs have handy neck straps which link through to suction cups which can be attached to any mirror.

Bibs come in either white or black (we recommend white as it makes it easier to clean – unless his beard is grey). They also come with a nice little travel pouch for trips over to the parents, girlfriend or for their next business trip.


4) Calm the Fuck Down Tea
It’s been a difficult year for millennials. As the largest percentage of the workforce they are surely facing daily work stress as it is, but add to that an abundance of celebrity deaths to being completely outvoted on matters such as Brexit or Trump, you can be sure that your loved millennial has been struggling. A tin of calm the fuck down tea is a great way to keep them entertained – and calmer – every time they go to make a cuppa.

The tea is caffeine free so is perfect before going to bed. It’s made from soothing Camomile, Passion flower petals, Lemon Balm, Anise, Cinnamon, Orange Pieces, Hops, Roobios and Hops. Highly suggested to drink as is – without milk or sugar.


5) The Master English Breakfast All-In-One Cooking Pan
With an unhealthy lack of free time and a built in intolerance to ineffectiveness, the multi all-in-one cooking pan is perfect for millennials. It’s so good, Tom Daley has even endorsed it. If that’s not enough to convince you then I’m not sure what is. Save your beloved millennial the time and energy of cleaning up to five pans for breakfast with this wonderful breakfast pan.
It’s clever design means the middle section heats up 15-20% hotter than the outside areas, which makes it idea for cooking bacon, sausages or fish. The outside areas are perfect for eggs, potatoes, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes or any other ingredient that belongs in their breakfast of champions.

>This pan is made from die-cast aluminium with a double non-stick coating, meaning cleaning is a total breeze. It’s also dishwasher friendly, meaning it’s even quicker and easier to clean.

6) A Flashing Pair of Balls (wait, it’s not exactly what you think…)
 Next up on our list of funny gifts for millennials features a rather rude yet entertaining way to keep safe. That’s right, a flashing pair of balls for your lovely bike riding millennial. With the clocks back and weather that seems to be perpetual darkness, safety whilst biking is of everyone’s utmost concern. And what better way to keep safe than with a flashing pair of bollocks that dangle and jiggle as they go over speed bumps?

These balls are made from water resistant high grade silicon and can be switched off with a (gentle) squeeze. Three light modes allow the red LED inside to run continuously, with a slow flash or with a fast flash. They’re powered by 2 CR2032 batteries which are easily replaceable and the batteries last for approximately 100 hours on solid light mode, or 190 hours whilst flashing. If you think these are too rude – they were fully funded within 3 days on their KickStarter launch – showing the world is ready for a bit of entertainment.

7) Toast Shaped Heated Pillow



>Does your millennial have an obsession with toast? If so, butter them up with this toasty toast shaped cushion. It’s even smiling because it’s so comfy and warm.

Chargeable via a micro-USB cable, this little smiling toasty cushion stays hot for 2-3 hours, warm for 2-4 hours and lukewarm for up to 8 hours, making it a perfect replacement for those rather boring hot water bottles. It’s plush and extremely soft and is the perfect winter cuddling companion.

8) The Ray Gun Nose Hair Trimmer

ray-gun-nose-hair-trimmer-funny-christmas-presents-for-millennialsLive in denial of ageing with a nose hair trimmer shaped like a Ray Gun

As we get older, we find our bodies are starting behaving in ways we don’t expect, even when we still feel like children on the inside. Let your millennial live in denial of ageing by making this rather sad experience of removing unwanted excess nostril hairs a lot more fun. Instead of violently plucking nose hairs and crying in front of the mirror, all the owner needs to do is pull the trigger on this baby to shave away all the shame. It works fantastically on any unwanted ear hair as well – double win!

It comes in red and runs off of a single AA battery (not included).

9) A bottle of Unicorn Tears (more commonly known as Gin Liqueur)
unicorn-tears-bottle-of-gin-funny-christmas-presents-for-millennialsLet the tears of unicorn ignite a drunken evening

This gin liqueur is made from genuine Unicorn tears at a top secret location using free range Unicorn by Firebox. Unicorns are force fed tonnes of citrus fruit, along with juniper berries, boxes of coriander and pieces of licorice. Combined with their brand new emotional harvesting technology, this bittersweet gin experience comes with a dazzling glittery appearance, guaranteed to blow the mind of anyone who consumes it. Simply swirl the bottle before opening to behold its shimmering majesty.

*No unicorns were harmed during the unicorn tear extraction process and the gin produced is even 100% vegan.

10) A hot & cold holdable, customised with any face you’d like!


Stay warmed with your favourite face


 * Customisation takes betwen 1-3 working days, so next day delivery will be unavailable

These wonderful huggable heatable bags can be customised with just about any face you’d like to add. If you’d like to troll someone with a photo of Nicholas Cage, or simply remind them of your existence every time they feel cold, this is the perfect solution. All you need to do is upload a good and clear picture of any face with our friends at Firebox. They’ll then get this printed quickly so it can be sent over to your favourite millennial.

These awesome bags also work as a cold compress – simply put it into the fridge to keep cool.

For heating up, pop into the microwave. Once warmed it’ll stay hot for up to 2 hours.

Romantic Same Day Gifts For Her – The Luxury Edition

Forgetfulness. It happens to us all. Well, some more than others, but who’s counting right? Luckily for the more forgetful amongst us, there are still plenty of ways to pretend you never forgot at all. All hail same day delivery gifts – something the UK is extremely good at.

One of the best ‘get out of jail free’ cards is by buying something that isn’t a present you can physically hold. A holiday for example, or a massage voucher. If the person you forgot to buy a gift for is your wife or girlfriend, well…. you’re going to be in trouble if you don’t get this one right! So if you’re looking to spoil her with a luxury or expensive gift, here are our top picks of romantic same day gifts for her!

1. A Helicopter Tour of the London Skyline with Lunch for Two £150


What could be more romantic that a sky tour of Central London? This voucher is printable, and you can present it to her on the day. It’s valid for two people, so you get the fun too. You start off in Redhill, Surrey and fly over the beautiful countryside before reaching Central London’s famous skyline of Big Ben, The London Eye, The Tower of London and more. The tour lasts for around 30 minutes in total with about 12-15 minutes in flight.

2.  One Night Spa Escape in the Five Star Alexander House £399


This one night spa escape in Alexander House has got to be one of the most ultimate same day gifts. Again, all you need to do is print off the voucher and present it to her on her birthday. Then you can spend the day planning when it is you’re going to go. Perfect. The spa escape trip includes an overnight stay, with full access to the facilities including the pool & heat treatments each. On top of that you get a shoulder, neck and back massage, breakfast and  a £30 dinner allocation per person. 

3. A 5 course tasting menu at Gordon Ramsay’s maze  £150


There is nothing better than a night of fine dining. Add in Gordon Ramsay’s name and you’ve instantly made the night a super hit. This voucher is for two people to eat a scrumptious dinner made by the team from the man himself, Gordon Ramsay. This exclusive Michelin star restaurant serves French food with a bit of Asian Inspiration.

4. An overnight stay at Spitbank Fort £1000


Have you ever heard of the Spitbank Fort? It’s the epitome of luxury. A man made island built in 1878 to protect Britain from invasion, it has since been turned into a boutique hotel out in the middle of the Solent. It doesn’t get much better than this! When you arrive at the departure lounge, wait in style with tea and coffee – or some whisky. When you arrive, relax a little and then get a fully guided tour of the fort followed by a champagne reception and canapes in the Crow’s Nest. An evening meal is included, and you’ll get to sit down and relax for a the nice break you both deserve.

5. A ‘Do Not Disturb’ romantic overnight stay at The Bermondsey Square Hotel – £450


This gorgeous hotel was featured on Channel 4’s show, Hotel GB. This ultimate luxury package is the perfect romantic getaway. Each room in this hotel is named after an iconic song and each room is totally unique. You’ll be able to choose from one of the four loft suites – whichever one best suits your tastes. Each suite has an incredibly plush Vi-Spring mattress, a large living area, 32″ flatscreen TV, iPod Dock, coffee & tea facilities and an incredible Grohe drench shower. You’ll get a welcome pack as well on arrival to ensure your romantic getaway is absolutely perfect. Stick on the Do Not Disturb sign and you basically will never need to leave the room at all.

 6. A trip to Paris including Eurostar tickets, dinner and a show for two at the Moulin Rouge £649


This awesome voucher entitles the two of you to return tickets to Paris, where you’ll be treated to a 3 course dinner and a show for two at the Moulin Rouge. Ultimate romance at the most famous cabaret performance in the world – what could be better? Bear in mind the voucher doesn’t contain any accommodation, so you’ll have to find the perfect hotel to go alongside that as well. Simply purchase the voucher, print it out and pop it into a lovely envelope with a card. She’ll love you for it!


7. A trip to Paris, including Eurostar tickets and a cruise down the Seine River £439


If the Moulin Rouge isn’t your thing, how about return tickets to Paris that include a gorgeous cruise down the Seine River? You get on by the Eiffel Tower around 12.15 and start the trip down the gorgeous Seine. A singer and a musician on the boat sing famous songs and provide cultural commentary as you drift on down the river past the Notre Dame, munching on a four course French menu and sipping on some white wine. You’ll get back to the pier at around 2.30pm, so you’ll have plenty of time to do some more sightseeing in the afternoon, or stay the night as well.

8. A Traditional Spa Week at Champneys Tring, Hertfordshire £1,798


This spa week away at Champneys Tring is definitely going to win you a lot of points. This is one of the UK’s best spas, which is inside an old Georgian style mansion that previously belonged to the Rothschild family. With 170 acres of gorgeous land around you which instantly inspire the theme of the week: holistic wellbeing. Over your stay here you’ll get usage of the indoor swimming pool, sauna, steam room, a whirlpool, tennis courts and you’ll also be able to join one of the twenty fitness & wellbeing classes they hold each day. There are also a range of treatments included with this package, including a health appraisal and skincare analysis, three lifestyle seminars, three massages and two facials, three ‘Thalassotherapy’ pool sessions (a mineral rich pool with hydrotherapy jets in to both stimulate and tone your muscles – a great treatment for cellulite, arthritis and muscular or joint pain), as well as a scalp massage and a body wrap. In shorter words, you’ll be treated to the ultimate blissful week in a location enjoyed by the likes of celebrities!

9. A 15,000 ft Tandem Skydive – the highest skydive in the world without an oxygen tank! £279


If you’re looking for something a little bit more adventurous, how about the world’s highest skydive? Set in Devon, you’ll be taught all the ropes before being taken up in the sky. Once up there, strap yourself in and your tandem partner/trainer will do the rest. Once you jump out, you’ll be free falling for almost two miles! After the two mile mark the parachute will pop up and you can peacefully glide back down into the countryside for the last mile of your decent. It’s the ultimate trip of your lifetime and something that will definitely never be forgotten. You can also get DVD footage of the journey or photos as well.

10. A Jetskiing Experience for Two £109


This awesome experience is available in two locations, Reading and Tattershall. Once you get up to the lake, present your gift voucher and you’ll be issued with a wet suit and life jacket. Once you’re set, you’ll be shown by an instructor how to maneuver the machines safely. If you go to the Reading location, you can choose from a Jet Bike, Jet Ribs and Jet Skis. In Tattershall you can only choose the Jet Ski itself though. Once you’re confident enough in your learning you’ll be escorted to the race track, where you can speed back and forth on your own and feel the adrenaline of going so fast in water!

 11. Traditional Red Roses in a gorgeous hand tied bouquet £159samedayluxurygifts_11

And finally of course, no romantic celebration is complete without red roses. The perfect romantic same day gift for her, this gorgeous bunch has 50 large headed red roses, decorated with some palm and steel grass. Order with Interflora before 3pm on the same day, Monday to Saturday and you’ll get the flowers delivered on the same day. If you’re particularly late, just blame the florist! She’ll never know!

If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, don’t forget to check our our same day delivery gifts page for a collection of retailers who can still deliver a gift today.

10 Best Gifts For Freshers Starting University

New Uni students have it hard. It’s the first time they’ll ever have to do their washing unsupervised. It’ll be the first dinner they cook – but more importantly, it’ll be the biggest party they’ve ever had. You can’t keep them safe forever, so a parting gift is a great reminder that everyone at home misses them and is thinking of them. Here are some ideas for our lovely freshers:


1. The ultimate outdoor speaker – both water resistant and shock proof. 

Veho_Speaker_uniThe University Party Speaker – £79.99

2. The laundry punching bag 


The punching bag to end all punching bags £19.99

3. Ultimate Animal Masks – they’re going to end up with one whether you buy it for them or not…. 


Stop horsin around…. £24.99

4. The ultimate hoodie pillow


 Keep your head warm at night, and listen to music as well – £24.99

5. The Zombie Survival Guide


Because, who doesn’t want to stay alive if there’s a zombie apocalypse?   £11.99

6. Portable Table Tennis


Challenge your friends to table tennis on a rainy day – £39.99

7. The Game of Thrones … Periodic table


Challenge your friends to who knows the Seven Kingdoms best – £19.99 for print only, £34.99 for the black frame as well

8. This cool LED wood block clock

Wood Block Clock, Blue LEDShows the temperature, the time & date. Simply click your fingers to show the time. Comes in matte black or walnut £29.99

9. This cool American styled jar cocktail shaker

jar cocktail shaker

No university flat is ever complete without a cocktail shaker. And this one is bloody awesome. £29.99

10. The auto-sealing travel mug, so they can have a hot cuppa while driving home

autoseal thermos travel mug

Make sure they’re comfy on their first long drive home. The cool design is also spill proof, making it the perfect front seat companion – £29.99

11. One for (mostly) the boys – this awesome Stinger 3 Channel Gyro Missile is going to make instant friends

remote helicopter with missiles

This bad boy actually fires (small and safe) missiles, meaning every trip to the park will be amazing   £29.95

12. A beautiful knife set – in the shape of Samurai swords

Samurai Knife Set

A must have for any martial arts fan and any university flat kitchen £39.95


15 BRILLIANT gifts you can print out or get delivered for Mum

You’ll be one of her favourite children of the year with this list, we promise! All you need to do is browse through and pick the best Mother’s Day gift for your Mum. Simply order online for delivery to her house, or even better, print or email the gift certificate and give it to her yourself this Sunday.


Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen 

Jamie Oliver's Fifteen


Who’s mum doesn’t love Jamie? Treat her to a six course tasting menu for just £150.
Print this voucher out and bring it with you to see Mum on Sunday.

Every mother has one of these, but now the tin is no longer a deceiving box of biscuits


Finally, a place to store random crap. It’s made with rat resistant metal, so they won’t get into the box. Yay. Perfect for those things that your Mum keeps but never uses and refuses to throw away. £10.99
Same day delivery available in London, or next day delivery in the UK. Place your order before 7PM and forget it, they’re not delivering on Sunday, so get in early!

Gordon Ramsay’s Foxtrot Oscar

Foxtrot OscarIf Mum’s not a Jamie fan, she has to be a Gordon Fan. Try out this three course menu with a courtesy Bellini, at just £66 for two
Print or email the voucher over to Mum to enjoy

Did someone say spa day?


Test out Champneys Spa Day at £100 over selected locations in the UK – a sure winner.
Print or email this out for Mum to enjoy, and see if she’ll be kind enough to take you too….

How about an overnight stay at a boutique establishment, with dinner for two included?

Pamperinggifts10Choose from loads of locations, from London to Cornwall or from Loch Lomond to Brighton for just £230 for two
Treat Mum and Dad, or Mum and a friend to a visit to her choice of hotel and location. Lake District, Cornwall, Scotland – the choices are huge and the hotels are divine.

For the Mum that loves to cook. And is a little OCD about it.

OCD Chef Chopping Board Measurements

This awesome chopping board contains all the measurements needed to get the exact measurements and angles needed for julienning.. and stuff. £19.99 from Firebox
Get it delivered same day in London (excluding Sundays), or next day for the rest of the UK

The Classic Mother’s Watch

tissot-mothersdayMother’s Day presents don’t get much classier than this.  Get this watch for £470.00 from John Lewis.
They offer next day delivery, or click and collect online. Purchase online, pick it up in store. Perfecto.

So she doesn’t like Jamie. Or Gordon. How about Marco?


Choose from two of Pierre White’s restaurants – it’s just £50 for a three course meal for two, plus a cocktail each!
You can’t go wrong with that. Print it out, stick it in a card – done!

For the more Adventurous Mum… How about a hot air balloon experience?


For £299, your mother and a special person she picks get to fly way up into the sky to watch down on the world below.
Better hope she picks you. The whole experience lasts 3-4 hours and you can ride these in a huge range of locations throughout the UK.

What Mum doesn’t love hand cream and all that type of stuff?

crabtree and evelyn for mum

Even if you don’t know what all the bottles are, it’s on special. This gift set is worth £113, but Crabtree and Evelyn know Mum’s love it so are selling it at an awesome £70.00
For those that are interested, it’s got: Rose Perfume, Shower Gel, Body Lotion and 3 different soaps to try out. Best of all – they do next day delivery.

Take her up to the top of the Shard, and have lunch watching over London

£100 for the two of you, including lunch. The viewing deck is 244m high, so let’s hope neither of you are scared of heights.
Print out the voucher and let her book it for a sunny summery day. No one wants to be up there in the cold!

For the busy Mum who needs a bit of sunshine in the morning

Lumie Sunlight Alarm ClockThis gadget is pretty damn cool. It emulates sunlight before the set alarm goes off, allowing the body to wake up naturally every day, even if there’s never any sun. £89.99 from Firebox
Absolutely awesome. It also has a radio function and the alarm can be set to a soothing chorus of birds. It also soothes you to sleep with sounds of waves or white noise. All in all, I kind of want one for myself now.

And the flowers…. don’t forget the flowers

Violet_BouquetThis violet bouquet comes from the lovely chaps at Arena Flowers – £34.99 + £6.98 for delivery ON Mother’s Day itself

Classy flowers to make up for those Tesco ones you got last year…

Luxury Flowers for Mum

Flower arrangements don’t look much better than this. And for £99.99, they bloody better. 
You can include chocolates or champers with the order, and Interflora will even deliver on Sunday itself. £14.99 for AM delivery (9am-noon) or £6.99 for all day delivery (9am – 6pm)

And finally… a boutique arrangement she’ll love (or pretend to at least)


Choose from Standard @ £49.90, Medium@ £59.90 (pictured) or Large @ £69.90.  £5.90 for the fancy fishbowl vase as well.
Oh, but guess what. iFlorist are kind enough to offer free delivery on Sunday. So that’s pretty good.

Wishing you all the best of luck getting your Mum the present she deserves this Mother’s Day. What my mum always says is that she wants something personal to her, so why not make her a macaroni picture frame with an old and new photo of the two of you, alongside her gift. She will appreciate it!

Britain’s Best Same Day Gift Experiences for Her

This is the ultimate same day gifts for her list.

Men – this is a page you’re going to want to bookmark. This page is what is going to get you points from your Mum, your wife, your girlfriend, your aunt, grandma or your sister every birthday, anniversary, Christmas and Valentine’s day. This is a list of the ultimate pampering experiences available to all of us in Britain. We’ve searched all over the web to compile this list, so you won’t find it anywhere else. This list has been cross checked with all the lovely ladies in my life, and each gift has been carefully scrutinised over before making it to the final cut. Best of all, most of these gifts are experience vouchers which are printable, so you can even order them for same day delivery.

1) Pamper her with a Health Spa break for two

Pamperinggifts1Swim, sauna & steam away – £499

 This package is a health spa break for two with an overnight stay. Choose a twin or double room and get unlimited access to all the spa’s facilities, including the swimming pool, sauna, steam room and other heat related treatments. Most locations also have a gym with exercise classes available as well. Each package comes with 2 beauty treatments each and includes a dinner and breakfast as well! Select your location on order, or let your loved one choose the location herself by buying the choice voucher, where she can login and select the best location. These spas are located in Edinburgh, Liphook, Tring, Henlow and Ashby-de-la-Zouch.

2) Relaxation hour massage

Pamperinggifts2Relax with an hours massage – £50

Treat her to a one hour massage in selected UK locations. Massages are all about de-stressing, detoxing and relaxing, and this is certainly what she will get with this voucher. Massages are all about individual needs, so each experience starts with an initial consultation to decide on which parts of the body need to be worked on to relieve any pain and anxiety. Locations include Edinburgh, Huntingdon, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Haslemere, Nottingham or Reading.

3) A delicious 6 course sharing menu for two at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen, London

Pamperinggifts3Win her heart with Jamie’s menu – £150

One of our most popular gifts, this 6 course sharing menu for two is bound to make her super happy, especially if it involves a trip down to London! You’ll each be given a glass of bubbly on arrival before you begin your incredibly tasty six course meal. And if you’re not too full to move afterwards, the package also includes a tour around the Fifteen kitchen, where you get to watch all the chefs in action. A steal for just £150, and she’s bound to love it.

4) Give her the royal treatment at Raymond Blanc’s Le Manoir

Pamperinggifts4A guaranteed winner – £1,250

While this experience certainly isn’t the cheapest, we can pretty much guarantee this is going to be a good time. This package includes a six course menu at the two Michelin starred restaurant, where you can then retreat to an overnight stay in a Junior Suite. Wake up to a provided full English breakfast and relax in the grounds with plenty to see: a two acre veggie and herb garden, an English water garden with natural springs as well as a Japanese tea garden. Before you go, you’ll also be given a copy of Raymond’s cookery book, ‘Foolproof French Cookery’.

5) A weekend spa package for two at the Mayfair Hotel

Pamperinggifts5Weekend overnight stay at the Mayfair with a 60 minute treatment session – £399

What could be better than an overnight stay at the Mayfair? How about a luxury spa package to go along with that? This package allows you access to the spa at the hotel, including the relaxation room, aroma steam room, the herbal sauna and heated loungers. And to top it off, you get a 60 minute treatment as well – choose from a range of facial treatments, body treatments, manicures, pedicures or a deeply relaxing massage. Sleep off your incredibly tough day in a luxurious bedroom and wake up to a full English breakfast, served in your room or in the restaurant.

6) A five course lunch with Champagne at Gordon Ramsay’s Petrus

gordonramsaypetrusEnjoy a 5 course tasting menu at Gordon’s Michelin starred restaurant, Petrus – £149

If she’s more of a Gordon fan than a Jamie fan, this is the experience for you. This voucher will take you both, for just £149, to Gordon Ramsay’s Petrus. Enjoy a 5 course lunch, accompanied by champagne in the heart of London. This is the perfect anniversary gift and will be memory that is bound to be cherished for a long, long time.

7) Dinner Cruise on the Thames for two

Pampering Gifts for HerEnjoy dinner with Big Ben – £156

Having lived in London for five years now and never having actually been on a cruise down the Thames, this is still one of my dreams to fulfil. Step onto the boat and enjoy the glass roof while you sail past historical monuments such as Big Ben, the House of Parliament and the London Eye. You’ll both be treated to a freshly prepared menu, and once dinner is done you can walk around the boat and have a drink at the stern watching the city lights.

8) A delicious meal followed by a magical theatre night in the West End

Theatre_SameDay_GiftTop seats & a top dinner in London – £148

Treat yourselves to a wonderful night out in London, starting with a fantastic two course dinner at a range of restaurants, then walk over to collect your top price tickets and experience London’s West End up close and personal. Theatre tickets include We Will Rock You, Billy Elliot, Jersey Boys, Woman in Black, Wicked or the Phantom of the Opera. Meals are booked for 6pm, with shows generally starting between 7:30 – 8:00 pm and finishing around 10pm.

9) A hot air ballooning experience for two

Pamperinggifts9Fly high in the sky – £400

For a more daring day of relaxation, how about a beautiful hot air balloon ride where she can soar up in the sky and look down at the world below her? This package can be taken at over 100 different launch sites in the UK, so take your pick on what view you’d like to experience best! The day starts off with a safety session with the instructor. Once you’ve done this you can place yourselves into the basket and soar up 3000 feet in the air. Watch beautiful rolling hills and countryside beneath you as you gently glide through the sky. A celebratory glass of champagne will be given to you when you land, and you’ll get a certificate of completion as well for this momentous event.

10) A boutique Escape for two, available in over 60 locations around Britain

Pamperinggifts10 Escape the city in style – £169 for two

This package is a best seller, and allows her to escape and enjoy a beautiful boutique hotel for the night. Choose from over 60 different locations, from the Lake District to Scotland, from Cornwall to Wales. A free upgrade on the room is granted on arrival (subject to availability).

So that concludes our list of same day gifts for her, let us know what you think about this list and share it with all your friends to ensure no one is ever in the dog house again for leaving an important date to the last minute!

Click here for a complete list of same day gift retailers in the UK