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Best Kitchen Gadget Gift Ideas – Top Gadgets This Year

This will be the defining list of the ultimate kitchen gadget gift ideas for any foodies or budding chefs this Christmas. We’ve scoured through user reviews and ratings to give you the ultimate compilation of not only what is hot this year with the best user review ratings, but most importantly the company that will provide it to you at the lowest cost! Whether you’re looking for appliances or simple little things, we’ve searched high and low to find what you love! If there’s anything you think is missing feel free to add a comment and let us know what you think should be on the list!

1. The TEFAL Fresh Express Cube & Stick Food Processor

Tefal Fresh Express Cube

Get choppin!  £119.01

Why we love it
It’s perfect for health nuts and foodies alike. With a super cool design, the express cube and stick food processor is just really really cool looking as well as extremely practical. It comes with a wide assortment of different parts which help to slice them to the exact thickness you desire, making healthy salads a cinch to make. It even automatically adjusts its chopping speed depending on the blade cartridge. From there you can directly serve into a plate or bowl.

What the critics say
It’s got 4 stars on Amazon. The pros are that it’s very easy to use and clean up, which is always a plus on items in the kitchen. Other pros are that once you feed the vegetables in, most of them come out diced, julienned or cubed extremely uniformly. Negative reviews include that it is not always needed (fair point) and that it is quite large if you have a small kitchen.

Where can we buy it
After a search through a range of shops online, Amazon ultimately is the cheapest at £119.01.

2. Philips Avance Taste Infusion

Taste InfuserInfuse your barbecue indoors  – £94.92

Why we love it
Because the UK doesn’t have long enough summers, this indoor meat grill makes barbecue available all year round.  This awesome grill has got an aromatic diffuser section, which helps herbs like rosemary or thyme infuse with your meat while it is grilling. But beyond just herbs, you can also use wood chips to get a great smoky flavour into your meats – genius! You can also add liquid to the reservoir at the back of the machine to infuse flavours such as wine, balsamic vinegar or stock. It also comes with two non-stick hot plates, one flat and the other ribbed. The sloped grill allows for any excess fat to drip out over the cooking process and the grill heats up exceptionally fast too.

What the critics say
This meat grilling machine has got a 4/5 stars on Daily Mail, as well as 4/5 stars on user reviews on People state that love the infusion technique but that the machine is a little bulky to be used indoors. Two reviewers have stated that the hot plate has had issues heating up, but this should be solvable with the one year manufacturer’s warranty provided upon purchase.

Where can we buy it
The best deal is once again on Amazon, where it’s on a discount at the time of writing this post, with a £25 reduction to just £94.92.

 3. SousVide SVS-10LS Supreme

SousVide Machine

Sousvide your way into chef-dom – £359.95

Why we love it
Every single cooking show in the last year has featured at least several cooks using a SousVide machine. The cooking method of SousVide is essentially by bathing it in water after wrapping your protein up in a vacuum sealed bag. The texture and taste is quite different to other cooking methods, and meats such as salmon, steak, lamb, ribs or even chicken are absolutely delicious.

This particular water bath is perfect for the counter top. Despite it being the size of a crock pot, it has an 11.3litre capacity, meaning you can cook dinner for yourself and a range of guests if needed. The extremely precise temperature control means you can always make sure your meat is cooked to perfection.

What the critics say
The 18 reviews on John Lewis add up to 4/5 stars, while the Amazon community ranks this at 4.5 stars. Reviewers on the whole are quite happy, and cite happy children as a key result of the sousvide cooking method due to the soft and melty texture of meats that are cooked within it. Other pros are that it is quite easy to clean, it’s compact and has very accurate temperatures.

Where can we buy it
After an extensive search John Lewis has the best offer, at £359. It’s got a 2 year warranty as well from the manufacturer. You can also purchase this on – follow this link to buy.

4.  Cusinart Soup Maker


This isn’t just any blender, it’s THE blender for soup making – £120

Why we love it
This incredible machine comes with a non-stick plate at the bottom, allowing you to saute your main ingredients. Once you’re done with that you can heat it all up in the machine and even blend it, all in one place. It also has a warming function to keep your soup at the perfect temperature. Imagine the amount of dishes you’ll save with one of these! On top of making soup, it also acts as a normal blender, so you can make smoothies or pesto as well. This is absolutely the perfect winter time gift for any soup lover. Best of all, it comes with a two year guarantee, so this brilliant borscht buddy will stay in tip top condition for at least a couple winters to come.

What the critics say
This popular item has the internet community buzzing. With an average rating of above 4 stars on a range of review sites, it is clear this soup blender combo is a hit.

Where can we buy it
John Lewis is selling these for £120. Also available at a marginal discount on Amazon for £119.95.

5. Bugatti Uma Kitchen ScaleBugatti Uma Kitchen Scale Chrome

It’s easy to see no other kitchen scale can even touch the elegance of this beauty – £110.45

Why we love it
Besides the fact it’s the most beautiful and mysterious looking kitchen scale we have seen in a long time, it’s also extremely practical. It’s 3kg capacity allows for multiple ingredients to be stacked in, which works perfectly with its weight reset function, which lets you keep putting ingredients in and allowing each item to be weighed separately. The gorgeous cone shaped bowl is removable and doubles as a mixing bowl, making it much easier to complete tasks such as making pasta, bread or cakes and saving on quite a few dishes in the meantime! The bowl itself is dishwasher safe, and just in case it wasn’t practical enough, this Bugatti kitchen scale also has a timer function, allowing you to keep track of the status of your dough or oven while you’re at it.

What the critics say
This kitchen scale has been on the highlight list for multiple publications, including T3’s best kitchen gadgets list and the Independent’s best list of kitchen scales. Reviewers of the product online seem to agree, giving this modern beauty a 4.5 stars out of 5.

Where can we buy it
This machine isn’t available via your typical outlets of John Lewis or Curry’s, so the best place to put in your order is,

6. Krups XL-2000 Milk FrotherKrups XL-2000 Milk Frother

A frothy coffee lovers best friend – £99.95

Why we love it
This automatic milk frother comes with 3 preset settings – ‘Cappuccino’, ‘Caffè Latte’ and ‘Hot Milk’, all which deliver perfectly steamed milk without ever over boiling the temperature.  This frother works quite like a kettle, simply pour the milk in the top and press one of the three buttons to start steaming the milk. The inside of the metal jug contains measurement lines, so you can make sure you always have just the right amount and minimise any wastage of milk. The top comes off easily and its non-stick interior allows for it to be cleaned very easily. Krups provide a 2 year guarantee on all parts, which is pretty great if you use it every day.

What the critics say
This frother has come up on several 2014 must have lists for its ease of use and practicality. Reviews from around the web show an average rating of 4/5 stars, with many people happy to recreate their ‘Starbucks’ experience at home.

Where can we buy it
Amazon prices this automatic milk steamer at £111.99, but John Lewis has them beat with a low offer of just £99.95.

7. De’Longhi Magnifica ESAM 4200, Bean to Cup Espresso and Cappuccino Maker


Coffee beans to espresso in just a couple minutes – £229.99 (Reduced from £449.99)

Why we love it
What’s not to love? The price is extremely affordable considering the quality, with a 50% off deal at the moment with This machine is the perfect gift for someone who loves their coffee. The machine uses professional quality 15-bar pump pressure allowing you to make coffee to the same standard as you would find in a quality coffee shop. All your usual grinders, steam pipes and filter holders you see in the cafe have been hidden inside the elegant machine, making it a beautiful and compact companion to your kitchen. With just a touch you can make your espresso’s, Americanos, Café lattes and cappuccinos.

Set your favourite coffee beans inside and the machine will automatically take the quantity you desire and blitz them up for an extremely fresh coffee experience everyday, right from the comfort of your own home. If you don’t have any beans available, the machine also can be filled with ground coffee. De-Longhi also provide a 2 year guarantee to keep your coffee cravings going.

What the critics say
This particular model is extremely popular, with loads of reviews available online. After scanning through a few websites it comes up with an average of 4.5 stars with the majority of users being extremely happy with their experiences. Negative reviews have cited that it makes a bit of noise (though lets face it, all kitchen appliances do). It’s also the number 1 best selling bean to coffee maker on Amazon if you needed any more convincing!

Where can we buy it
Best priced at Amazon with their generous discount. All other websites are still stocking these at full price.

8. The smart wifi enabled iKettle

wifi_iKettleBecause who likes waiting for the kettle boil – £99.99

Why we love it
Control when you have your kettle boiled, just from your mobile. You can set it on timer for your morning or afternoon routines, or alternatively switch it on before you get home from work to get a cuppa in immediately! It’s got 4 different temperature settings for various drinks as coffee, green tea, black tea are all supposed to be infused at different temperatures. There’s also an option to keep water warm if you have a feel like chain drinking or have friends and family around. It’s got a nice little LED panel as well to keep you informed of your latest boiling activities. In case you’re thinking it could be dangerous if there’s no water in – it’s got a built in auto-shut off with boil-dry protection which will keep it safe in case you’ve forgotten to fill it up!

What the critics say
It’s been featured for it’s abilities in a whole range of publications, but when it comes down to it people do seem to have a few gripes and have scored it a 3.5/5 on average. Part of the disappointment comes from it “not being able to refill itself” and a few people citing problems with the lid, which should be rectified with the warranty card. The positive reviews state it’s “revolutionary” and have “changed the way tea and coffee is made forever”.

Where can we buy it
Firebox have the best range of these kettles and stock all the colours, from stainless steel to blue, pink, white and more.

9. Sony Xperia Tablet Z: Kitchen Edition



Ready, steady, cook! £267.11

Why we love it
Tablets are quickly becoming a staple in the kitchen, allowing you to view recipes, make conversions as well as entertain yourself while you’re doing all the preparation. This tablet however is absolutely geared for that – it’s water resistant and dust proof, meaning you can keep it on the kitchen bench while you roll out some dough and don’t have to worry if it gets flour on it, or if you accidentally splash some water onto it. It also doubles as a universal remote if you’ve got your sound system on at the same time, or simply want to flick the channel on the telly.  The vivid HD display also makes it a great viewing device for watching things and being a tablet, it’s extremely versatile and isn’t at all restricted to the kitchen! This particular model comes sim-free, so you can connect it up to the wifi or purchase a simcard to use alongside it. Weighing in at just 495 grams, this slimline tablet is one of the sexiest on the market

What the critics say
TechRadar have rated this a 4.5/5, while Cnet was less convinced giving it 3.5/5 – mostly for its water resistant and dust proof qualities. Engadget rates it a 8.8/10, so overall good feedback on this device. While it may not be the number 1 tablet out there, it certainly is the number 1 tablet to be used for kitchen purposes!

Where can we buy it
Amazon again takes the lead with this in stock for £267.11. 

10. The Aqua Zinger – Fruit Infuser

Get in on your five a day and stay hydrated while you’re at it! £24.99

Why we love it
Have you ever looked in a drinks machine to find there is nothing that you can drink that isn’t absolutely loaded in sugar? And as we all know, we’re supposed to be drinking loads of water and eating lots of fruit every day! The latest trend in healthy living is doing just that – by using fruit to infuse flavours in water, it allows people to create all sorts of concoctions: from detoxifying to energising, all you need to do is choose the right fruits. The lower section of the AquaZinger has a blender in, so all you need to do it detach the bottom bit and pop your chosen fruit in. Once you’ve done that, give it a whiz and shake it up. The double wall in the drinking chamber means you can make both herbal and fruity teas or an iced smoothie, and it’ll keep your drink hot or cold for much longer. Making your own drinks means you keep on top of what additives and sugar go into your system on a daily basis while keeping up with your one of 8 glasses of water a day and your 1 out of 5 servings for fruit! And on the weekend you can even cheat and pop a little vodka or rum in there for a gorgeous cocktail.

What the critics say
Most people are pleased with the bottle, citing ease of use and flexibility in design means it is great for popping in your bag to the gym or elsewhere. The main complaint is that it can take some time for the fruit to infuse with the water, but on the whole the majority of fruits infuse quite quickly, and you can refill the bottle several times with water for great flavour.

Where can we buy it
Similarly priced around the web, you can purchase this from Firebox or Amazon for £24.99.

11. The Rollable Garlic Zoomer


Rollin’ with your garlic – £9.99

Why we love it
Chopping up garlic is perhaps one of the most laborious and mundane tasks there is in a kitchen. Peeling, chopping the ends of and then finely dicing each clove can take quite a while, and although there are loads of products on the market that claim to help alleviate this task, the garlic zoomer is perhaps one of the best ones. All you need to do is peel the garlic and pop it into the top of the machine and fill as needed. From there just roll the little zoomer back and forth on your worktop, and it’ll get finer and finer the longer you do it. Once diced to your desired consistency, pop open the lid and tap out the garlic. It’ll save your fingers from stinking of garlic for days as well!

What the critics say
People reviewing this product love it. It’s changed the way they cook – one particular user had been purchased this as a gift from her boyfriend as a joke, but it quickly became one of her “most prized possessions”! That in itself should be a reason to buy the little critter.

Where can we buy it
Pick it up off the guys at Firebox for a nice neat price of £9.99.


So there you have our list of favourite gadgets for this 2014, just in time for the Christmas season. Happy shopping people!

The 8 most beautiful Autumnal Flower Bouquets this season!

As the days grow shorter and we look closer and closer to Christmas, there are a few things we can do to cheer up the house before the Christmas decorations go up. One of my favourite ways to decorate is by using flowers, and what better than a nice vase or bouquet of Autumnal flowers to complement your living room? Today I looked through hundreds and hundreds of flower bouquets online, and found the prettiest and most interesting ones I could find to show you all here. These flowers work fantastically as an addition to your own household, as well as the perfect way to brighten up somebody else’s.


1. Traditionally autumnal, large and majestic

Orange Asiatic Lily Atumnal VaseAvailable for £72.95

Traditional and captivating, this stunning long cylinder glass vase becomes home to an explosion of autumnal colours. The arrangement comes with a huge amount of orange Asiatic Lilies which are paired with a few peach and white Gerberas. Perfect for the middle of your dining table, or on the kitchen counter. The vase itself is so grand that Interflora decided it needed to come with a bottle of Champagne as well, to celebrate.

2. Gloriously British, tall and proud

British Grown Autumnal FlowersAvailable for £39.98

One of my most favourite flowers are gladioli. They begin to bloom in July and stay blooming until it begins to frost, so they serve as a wonderful reminder of the summer that still lingers in our thoughts. This particular bouquet is also made with exclusively British flowers, which not only gives a great sense of patriotism to your household but also allows you to enjoy the flowers in the knowledge that British flowers have the smallest carbon footprint, as they don’t have to travel as far to get to you. This hand tied bouquet comes with 20 mixed colours of Gladioli, 6 pink British Oriental Lilies and some white Gypsophila to  finish the look off. A vase can be bought for an extra £10.99, or save yourself the hassle by putting it into the vase yourself.

3. A modern and tropical Autumnal flower arrangement

Tropical Autumnal FlowersAvailable as a hand tied arrangement for £64.99

If holding onto the summer as best you can is your aim, then take joy in these beautiful tropical flowers that put a contemporary twist onto Autumnal styling and décor. Featuring the wonderful Birds of Paradise – also known as Strelitzia, the crab claw like Heliconia, Ginger Lilies and Pin Cushion Proteas, this hand tied bouquet will transform your living room into a tropical paradise. A bonus for buying tropical flowers is that they last much longer once they have been cut, and can sometimes last up and over two weeks, depending on how fresh they are on arrival. A vase is available on purchase for an additional £10.99.

4. A compact hand tie of Autumnal Tropicals

Ginger and Heliconia Autumnal BouquetAvailable as a hand-tied bouquet for £27.98

To get that autumnal tropical feel, without the grandness of the previous flowers, how about a more compact version that sit perfectly on a kitchen counter? This compact bouquet comes with three gorgeous Ginger Lilies and two stunning red and orange Heliconia. Who knew Autumn could be so tropical?

5. Potted Autumnal Arrangement with gold tinted Roses

Autumnal with orange gold rosesAvailable for £29.99, including the pot

This cute potted Autumnal Arrangement is perfect as a gift, whether it’s to celebrate a birthday or a new job, or simply as a thank you. The arrangement is filled with the beautiful richness of golds, oranges, greens, reds and yellows that are associated with the season, and feature orange Gerberas, gold tinted Roses, red Asiatic Lilies, spray chrysanthemum and finished with gold solidago, steel grass, red oak leaves and salal. The pot itself is square but curved on the edges, and is decorated with a red ribbon featuring a dangling heart (which of course can be requested for removal if you aren’t THAT fond of the recipient and don’t want them to get the wrong idea!).

6. Summer nostalgia with Sunflowers

Sunflower Autumnal BouquetAvailable as a hand-tied bouquet for £34.99

Again, part of Autumn is holding onto those last moments of the summer while waiting for Christmas to arrive, and what better way to do that than this cheerful Sunflower hand-tied bouquet? Featuring five sunflowers, four white pink roses, four pink roses and finished off with Solidago, Eucalyptus and Cinera to bring a bit of Autumn into the summer flowers. An additional vase is £11.99, or pop it into a short vase at home.

7. Tropical Oranges and Reds, with majestic Tropical leaves

Ginger Lily and Heliconia Autumnal BouquetAvailable as a hand-tied bouquet for £34.99

This gorgeous tropical hand-tied bouquet features a stunning array of tropical foliage, which really brings out the tropical feel of the flowers. This features two Heliconias, four Ginger Lilies and two ‘Pig Faces’ – also known strangely enough as ‘Nipple Fruit’ and ‘Tit Plant’ due to it’s rare appearance. The ‘Pig face’ is actually an unusual bright yellow fruit, which is often used in Chinese New Year decorations, with a lemon-like appearance. Despite the strange name, the fruit gives a wonderful feel to the whole hand-tied and is bound to create curiosity as people admire the flowers.

8. The decent into Winter

An Autumnal BouquetAvailable as a hand-tied bouquet for £39.98

This wonderful hand-tied bouquet to me, signifies the surrender to Winter’s approach, featuring white’s and purple with the last hints of orange and yellow pushing their way through. The bouquet has two beautiful yellow Freesias, two pale yellow Carnations, four orange Roses, three pink spray Roses, four blue Lisianthus and 3 white Dutch roses, with salal foliage. What better way to open up into December.

Our Top 10 Best Housewarming Gifts & Ideas!

I once got a salt and pepper shaker as a housewarming present. I had to feign my surprise and act as if it was a great idea, when in reality, I hated it. Awkward. Awkward for both me and the person giving me the gift. So to keep yourself out of these horrible situations, take a look at our list below. Make sure you take note of what your friends already have: if they’re moving into their first student home, it’s unlikely they’ll have any kitchenware – or anything else for that matter. But if they’re moving from an existing house into a new one, find out how much space they have, or what they need. Make your gift worthwhile by checking out our list of best housewarming gifts and ideas.

Before we begin, let me say that this list is aimed at those aged around 18-  35.

The mystical Umbra Conceal Bookshelf – £10.50

UmbraConcealBookshelfCheck it out here.

This awesome bookshelf is great for people that are into fantasy, magic or simply entertaining things. A firm fixture can be placed onto the wall and then designed to be concealed by the bottom book, making it look like the books are floating. This gives a great atmospheric touch to a living room or study and will undoubtedly send all guests into a state of amazement and wonder as they try to figure out how the books float. Each shelf can hold around six books, or for exact stats – 6.8kg and up to 41cm max height. At £10.50, it’s a bargain, so get a few for your buddy to enjoy!

A do it yourself Cubic Clock – £42

colour-clockCheck out this cubic clock here.

How about this multi coloured cubic clock? Last time I checked, pretty much everyone has a rather standard and boring clock in their house. And if you have friends like mine, the battery probably doesn’t work either! Make your friends proud of their clock by giving them this very cool DIY clock. It comes with 13 coloured blocks which can be placed in whatever shape or form you please, so there’s no way they won’t enjoy their own masterpiece.

The original UNT mug – £9.99*


Check out the UNT mug right here

Nothing says “I love you” more than this UNT mug with a C shaped handle. Especially perfect for a current housemate that is moving out to live with their significant other, or is simply ditching you for greener grass. Made from high quality glazed ceramic, you can be sure your friend will enjoy this mug for years to come. Also features the same lettering on the back, so it works for left handers too. What could be better?

* Please accept our apologies if this offends you!

A London Skyline Wall Sticker – £31


Check out the full range here.

If you’re not into offending your friends, how about a wall sticker of the London Skyline? This sticker measures 130 cm x 35 cm and is made from micron matte vinyl. It doesn’t ruin the wall either, as it can be easily removed without removing the paint underneath by using a hairdryer or simply peeling it off. This wall sticker comes in a range of colours: black, white, grey, silver, red, dark red, orange, pink, blue and green, so you can get it to match just about any colour of paint! You can buy this at  Red Candy, who also stock a range of other skylines and other designs, if London isn’t the place to be.

Umbra Photo Art Display – £67


Check out the Umbra frame here

My cousin and his wife had a baby almost two years ago, and post photos constantly on Facebook of his development: him playing, him smiling, him climbing up slides. I’ve looked through hundreds of pictures of my little nephew for the past year. So last Christmas, I decided to print out a few pictures of him I took from Facebook and put them into a frame. They were so incredibly happy, and absolutely loved it. They told me that despite having so many digital pictures of him, they hadn’t ever had any printed. That’s one of the problems of living in this digital world: a lot of our kids won’t have the same experience of flicking through photobooks of childhood photos. So why not get a few printed online (you can do this at Photobox, who have great offers on all the time). Get a frame as well and give your friend(s) one of the most personal gifts you can.  And as long as you don’t choose ugly photos of them, they’ll be pleased, we promise!

Yale Digital Door Viewer – Records for Security – £159.99Digital-Door-ViewerCheck it out from here

If your friends are moving somewhere a little dodgy, or are just the jumpy type in general, why not get them one of these bad boys by our trusty locksmith friends at Yale. The Yale Digital Recording Door Viewer lets you see who’s waiting at your door. All visitors show up on the 3.5″ screen, and the device records everything that goes on on it’s included 512mb Micro SD card. The connected camera has an infra-red camera, so it works even at night. Never again will they have to get scared about who’s ringing the doorbell as they watch a scary movie!

The Molecular Gastronomy Starter Kit – £49.99

Molecular-Gastronomy-Starter-KitGet this kit now from here

  If your friend is a budding Heston, or someone who always wants to watch Masterchef, this is the perfect gift for them. This kit is the ultimate starter kit for the beginner molecular chef, and the best part is, you can make them try out the recipes on you! It comes with a DVD that includes 50 step-by-step recipes, including chocolate spaghetti, tzatziki spheres, mint caviar beads and luxurious lemon foam. Also included in the kit are 50 sachets of 5 types of food additives, 5 pipettes, a slotted spoon, a set of measuring spoons, a food grade syringe and 3 silicone tubes. This is the perfect alternative to traditional recipe books!

An incredible Ice Cream Ball – £24.99ice-cream-maker-ballFor more information on how to make your own ice cream with this genius creation – go here

Before you say it – no, it isn’t a hamster ball. It’s much more delicious – it’s an ice cream ball! Yes ladies and gentlemen, you have heard right. This awesome ice cream ball requires absolutely no electricity to create your own flavours of ice cream. The ice cream is formed simply by rolling, shaking or throwing the ball around. All you need to do is put your ice cream ingredients into one end of the ball, and pop a load of ice and rock salt into the other end – don’t worry – the rock salt never actually goes into the ice cream, it simply plays a part in the thermodynamic reaction! How Breaking Bad of you! This means the lovely Ice Cream Ball is perfect for picnics. It’ll make 1 pint of ice cream in about 20 minutes: not too bad eh? Just make sure you never actually kick or drop the ball, as this will hurt it.

Red Rubber Washing Up Bowl – £54

Red-Rubber-Washing-Up-BowlFancy buying this washing up bowl? Go here to have a look

Have you ever known someone with a stylish washing up bowl? We certainly haven’t. And while we can’t guarantee it’ll make dishes fun, it’ll certainly add a load of style to the process. This beauty was designed by Normann Copenhagen and is made from rubber, which allows you to mould its shape to fit awkward or oversized items and allow them to soak properly. It also comes with the rather stylish wooden brush made with natural bristles.  This washing up bowl comes in a range of colours: red, purple, grey, green, blue or black. It also comes with 100% positive reviews: not bad for a washing up bowl!

Veuve Clicquot Brut NV – £45 (or buy 6 and save £60)veuve-clicquot-brut-nvOrder online and get it delivered by Majesticwine here

And last but not least – a bottle of champagne. You can’t have a proper housewarming without! This bottle is our favourite- reasonably priced and delicious. It came third in the Decanter World Wine Awards and won Silver in the International Wine Challenge – says a lot! Veuve Clicquot age their non-vintage champagne for almost twice the required time, which is what gives it it’s incredible taste.

And there you have it – a list of excellent housewarming gifts, or at least some ideas for you to work with! If you think we’ve missed something out, or want to ask us any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

Last Minute and Same Day Gift Delivery UK

If you’re looking for next day gift delivery please click on the link.

Scroll through our list of retailers who can deliver the perfect gift same day UK wide. Everything you could possibly want delivered can be!

So you’re looking for same day or last minute delivery for a gift eh? Lucky for you there are so many retailers who are able to do this. This list is going to be the reason why you’ll never have to order in advance again: everything you could possibly want delivered you can get delivered, same day, anywhere in the UK.

1) Red Letter Days – UK Wide

Red Letter Days

Red Letter Days is the perfect retailer for all occasions. Owned by Dragon’s Den stars Theo Paphitis and Peter Jones, they stock hundreds of fantastic gift experiences. All you need to do is to pick one that is perfect for your recipient, and select the ‘print or email voucher’ option at the end. They stock so many different fun and interesting experiences – from skydiving to spa days, from theatre outings to zorbing experiences and from speedboats down the Thames to lovely hotel packages to the Lake District. Another fantastic point about Red Letter Days is that if, on the off chance, your recipient doesn’t like the gift, they can simply enter the voucher code onto the website and exchange it for different valued gifts: all of which have the pricing taken off!

2) Interflora – UK WideInterflora

Interflora, the saviour of many many people at at least some stage in their lives. Interflora offers same day delivery UK wide, as long as the order is placed by 2PM GMT Monday to Saturday. So make sure you’ve double checked the time, and quickly get on with the order. Interflora stock a range of beautiful flower bouquets, plants and alcohol related gifts (think Whisky gift sets, or Champagne and balloons), which can all be delivered today.

3) – UK Wide

Last Minute are always looking to find the cheapest and best deals around, which means you’ll always get a bargain on whatever it is you’re looking for. They stock things like last minute flights, same day discount theatre tickets or restaurant deals. Ideal especially for things like anniversaries, birthdays or Christmas presents. All you need to do is print out the voucher/booking details and away you go! No one ever has to know that you forgot to get anything in time!

4) BuyAGift – UK Widebuyagift

BuyAGift stock a fantastic range of experiences, from segway rally racing to hot air balloons to massages and spa pampering packages. There’s something for everyone, from your Mum to your Nan to your best guy mate who is an adrenaline junkie. BuyAGift also offer a printable voucher on purchase, which means all you need to do is print it out and pop it into a card, or – if you’re not seeing the person today, send it over in an email. Perfecto!

5) Waitrose Direct – Flowers only


Waitrose are lovely enough to also offer same day delivery, but for flowers only. Pick any of their same day flowers range before 2PM to ensure your delivery arrives today. Best of all, delivery is entirely free!

6) iFlorist – UK Wide


iFlorist have got a wonderful range of beautiful flower arrangements and bouquets, all waiting to be assembled for same day delivery. With delivery from Monday to Saturday, all you need to do is order by 2PM to guarantee your flowers arrive on the same day. Absolutely ideal for celebratory occasions, such as anniversary’s, birthdays, new baby, job promotions or any other congratulatory occasion.



Still not convinced? Try out one of these gift vouchers, which can be emailed or printed out. They’ve got a range of different types of gift card designs, from birthday celebrations to retirement. You can also get Kindle specific gift cards, which are a pretty handy present for any Kindle owners! There’s even one where you can add your own photo to personalise the voucher a little more.

8) Firebox – London Only


Firebox is one of my favourite retailers, but unfortunately only deliver same day in London, at a rather crazy price of around £26 (double check before you check out). So you may want to reconsider the need for same day delivery if you have your heart set on a present from here, but with such a cool range of presents, such as the Rhino Shield for iPhone or UNT mug, your recipient certainly wouldn’t be disappointed.

9) House of Fraser – London & Birmingham Only


House of Fraser also offer same day delivery, as long as your delivery area is within the M25 in London or in Birmingham (for a breakdown on postcodes, check here). Orders must be placed by 12PM GMT to be eligible for delivery. House of Fraser have an absolutely massive range of items, from clothing to electricals to homeware.

 10) Amazon – Select postcodes in the UK now eligible for same day, evening delivery

amazonAmazon gets another entry because they’ve finally started delivering same day in the UK!! Deliveries are however, only available to postcodes that are within areas within the M25 in London, as well as select postcodes in Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Nottingham, Sheffield, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Bristol and Cardiff.  For a full list of eligible post codes click  here.

Delivery information: The gifts will arrive between 18:00 and 22:00 Monday to Friday and between 16:00 and 20:00 on Saturdays and Sundays. Deliveries require a signature, otherwise they will be redelivered on another day.

If you need an up-to-date review of which retailers work best, check out our main page for same day gifts.