Portable Table Tennis Set, including Table and Paddles


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Portable table tennis – ultimate for parties and rainy days inside

  • Compact fold out table tennis kit
  • Extendable nets
  • Retractable table tennis paddles
  • Folds up for super easy storage
  • Comes with 2 paddles and 2 balls
  • Drawstring pouch included for easy storage

*Same day delivery available in London only. Next day delivery only for the rest of the UK.

Whenever someone in my family suggested playing ping pong, we always thought it was a good idea. But in the back of our minds, we knew it wasn’t. Every game would end up as a fierce battle and ultimately someone would lose the war. There would be tears, and sometimes even bloodshed. The point is though that it was an activity that bonded us, that made us closer – in a strange way.

This portable table tennis table makes it much easier. No longer do you have to have a gigantic table sat folded out in the garden. Instead you can simply pull apart the two bases to reveal the net. The table tennis balls fit nicely inside the pillar of the net and the paddles are retractable and openable to make the whole game easier to put away and take out on a rainy day.

Perfect for procrastinating students and families who wish to bond over some blood and tears.

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