Sushi & Sashimi Socks


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  • Sushi socks come in 7 different designs
  • Buy the whole set for £39.99
  • Look like perfectly formed sushi when rolled up
  • Gives people a reason to have stinky feet
  • Comes in Salmon, Egg, Tuna, Trout, Octopus, Red Caviar & Shrimp
  • Next day delivery if ordered before 7pm GMT

These awesome sushi socks are the hottest present of the year. Each pair of socks has been designed with precision meaning they look like perfectly delicious pieces of sushi when rolled up.  Made from polycotton, these socks are a one size fits most – fitting anyone between the sizes of 22-27cm.

Designs come in either sushi or sashimi depending on the ingredient.

Choose from Japanese favourites such as salmon sushi, tuna sushi, trout sashimi, octopus sushi, red caviar gunkan, shrimp sushi or egg sushi.

These brilliant designs are the perfect gift for anyone obsessed with sushi.

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Firebox is one of the coolest online retailers, with a fantastic selection of interesting and edgy products. A millenial's gift heaven. Next day delivery available for an additional £6.95 if you purchase before 4.30pm. Delivery on Saturdays costs £9.95.


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