Britain’s Best Extreme Gifts & Experience Days

If you’re looking for something that breaks the mould and throws in a huge jug of adrenaline, this list of extreme gifts is for you. Forget socks, cuff-links or jewellery – this list is far more fun!

Bask in these adrenaline filled gifts:

1) Chopper Ride over Central London –

ExtremeGifts1Helicopter over Central London – £129

Ever thought you’d see London by helicopter? Now you can. This incredible journey lasts for an hour, which is split into a 30 minute preparation and safety session, and 30 minutes in the helicopter soaring above the London skyline. Your Captain will give you a full commentary on what is below you at all times, keeping you well informed (and safe) for the duration. Trips are available year round, just make sure you choose a clear day! This is priced per person, so if you’d like to go along too, don’t forget to get yourself one as a present for being kind!

2) Tandem Bungee Jump Gift Experience

ExtremeGifts2Perfect for a couple of thrill-seekers – £120

 If you’ve always wanted to try bungee jumping but haven’t quite had the courage to do it on your own, why not get someone a tandem bungee jump as a gift (and obviously take you as their partner!). This tandem experience starts with a safety induction session before you hurl yourself off a ledge with a loved one. You’re then treated to half a bottle of bubbly to celebrate still being alive afterwards, and even get a certificate to prove it to others. Available in multiple locations, including Bristol, Windsor, Huntingdon, Belfast, Salford, Braehead and Kingsbury.

3) Wakeboarding or Waterskiing Adventure – £80 – £135

ExtremeGifts3Ski or board the wake – £80 – £135

 Starting with an on-shore lesson at the Marina, you’ll be shown how to look super cool on water before you get taken off to prove your learning ability. The £80 session lasts for 2 hours, while the £135 lasts for 3 hours. Guests and spectators are welcome, but this package is just for one, so if you’d like to go as well, make sure you purchase an additional voucher. This offer is available only in Devon, between April and October.

4) Jetskiing Experience for Two – £150

ExtremeGifts4Tour by Jetski – £150

 Tour the beautiful Poole Harbour in Bournemouth by the best vehicle ever – the jetski. Speed away with the Jurassic Coastline on one side and your friend desperately clinging on to the other. This jetski experience is for two people aboard one jetski. All equipment, including wetsuits and safety gear is provided (minus a towel and swimwear). The voucher lasts for ten months, so pick it up now and prepare for your next roadtrip to Bournemouth as fast as today.

5) Jet-Lev Experience at London Docklands or Northampton – £120

ExtremeGifts5Tell Jack you’re the real King of the world – £120

When it comes to cool activities, nothing quite beats the Jet-Lev. The JetLev picks you up and launches you up into the air at 50 mph up to 45 feet up, so you’re guaranteed to get a massive adrenaline rush with this one. Before you start you get a full briefing on safety and how to operate the machine, before you get wrapped up into a provided wetsuit and tossed into the water where you’ll prepare for lift off. This is an ultimate Instagramming experience and will guarantee you more than 10 likes on Facebook, so make sure your recipient has someone around for picture taking. This experience is available from April – October at London Docklands or Northampton, vouchers valid for 10 months.

6) Tandem Skydiving Experience – £299

ExtremeGifts6Skydive with someone who knows what they’re doing – £299

 If tandem bungee jumping doesn’t raise enough adrenaline for you, how about a tandem skydiving experience? This extreme gift starts with a training session, where you get shown the ropes (literally) and taught things like how not to scream for the entire duration. After you feel comfortable, you’ll be securely attached to a very qualified instructor who will hurl you out of the plane with them, and pull the parachute cord at the right time (roughly about 30 seconds after you leap out the plane). You’ll be jumping from 10,000 feet up in the air, so once the parachute is up you have plenty of time to enjoy the scenery as you slowly glide back down to the world below you. Available in Peterborough, Brigg, Beccles and Swansea.

7) Zombie Apocalypse Gift Experience – £198

ExtremeGifts8Experience a Zombie Apocalypse with your friends – £198

If your friend is the kind of person that shouts out all the things people should be doing when watching things like The Walking Dead, why not treat them to a real life zombie apocalypse experience? This gift will outdo any other. When your recipient arrives, they’ll be given a safety induction before being handed a BB gun and plenty of ammo. Once armed and loaded, they’ll be introduced to their team mates and meet the opposing team (roughly 45 people in total). After a bit of friendly banter, the teams are separated and missions are put into place. The whole thing lasts for around 3 hours but is an incredible experience and one that is sure to be remembered. Available in Milton Keynes.


8) Medieval Jousting Experience Day – £199

ExtremeGifts9Joust away on horseback – £199

If your friend is sick of waiting for the next season or book of Game of Thrones, this is the perfect gift to relieve them of their hard wait. This insane day lasts for around 6 and a half hours, where you’re given a riding assessment, a weapons overview and a whole host of activities and challenges to get through. This is available to people of reasonable fitness only, and novice horse riders are welcome. Available from April – October in Warwick, and vouchers are valid for 10 months from the purchase date.

9) Tank Paintballing – £96

ExtremeGifts7Paintballing just got a bit more extreme – £96

You’ve heard of paintballing – but have you heard of paintballing in a TANK? Starting the day off with a safety induction, you’ll then be put into some sexy combat gear and shown your team (generally of 3). Each person gets a turn driving the tank, both at the top of the tank and through the periscope, and get practice shooting with a 40mm cannon. The day ends with a full on battle where each team takes on the others in the ultimate tank paintball war. This amazing experience is available in Lutterworth, Leicestershire.

10) Segway Rallying

ExtremeGifts10Segway race your friends and family – from £19

If you’ve gotten through this list thinking everything is just that little bit too extreme – why not try out a family friendly Segway gift experience? Experiences start from £19 for one or £39 for two at 14 different locations throughout Britain. You’ll be given ample safety gear before you take your segways offroad to start racing around circuits specially made for the experience. Time on the Segway is normally around an hour.