The 8 most beautiful Autumnal Flower Bouquets this season!

As the days grow shorter and we look closer and closer to Christmas, there are a few things we can do to cheer up the house before the Christmas decorations go up. One of my favourite ways to decorate is by using flowers, and what better than a nice vase or bouquet of Autumnal flowers to complement your living room? Today I looked through hundreds and hundreds of flower bouquets online, and found the prettiest and most interesting ones I could find to show you all here. These flowers work fantastically as an addition to your own household, as well as the perfect way to brighten up somebody else’s.


1. Traditionally autumnal, large and majestic

Orange Asiatic Lily Atumnal VaseAvailable for £72.95

Traditional and captivating, this stunning long cylinder glass vase becomes home to an explosion of autumnal colours. The arrangement comes with a huge amount of orange Asiatic Lilies which are paired with a few peach and white Gerberas. Perfect for the middle of your dining table, or on the kitchen counter. The vase itself is so grand that Interflora decided it needed to come with a bottle of Champagne as well, to celebrate.

2. Gloriously British, tall and proud

British Grown Autumnal FlowersAvailable for £39.98

One of my most favourite flowers are gladioli. They begin to bloom in July and stay blooming until it begins to frost, so they serve as a wonderful reminder of the summer that still lingers in our thoughts. This particular bouquet is also made with exclusively British flowers, which not only gives a great sense of patriotism to your household but also allows you to enjoy the flowers in the knowledge that British flowers have the smallest carbon footprint, as they don’t have to travel as far to get to you. This hand tied bouquet comes with 20 mixed colours of Gladioli, 6 pink British Oriental Lilies and some white Gypsophila to  finish the look off. A vase can be bought for an extra £10.99, or save yourself the hassle by putting it into the vase yourself.

3. A modern and tropical Autumnal flower arrangement

Tropical Autumnal FlowersAvailable as a hand tied arrangement for £64.99

If holding onto the summer as best you can is your aim, then take joy in these beautiful tropical flowers that put a contemporary twist onto Autumnal styling and décor. Featuring the wonderful Birds of Paradise – also known as Strelitzia, the crab claw like Heliconia, Ginger Lilies and Pin Cushion Proteas, this hand tied bouquet will transform your living room into a tropical paradise. A bonus for buying tropical flowers is that they last much longer once they have been cut, and can sometimes last up and over two weeks, depending on how fresh they are on arrival. A vase is available on purchase for an additional £10.99.

4. A compact hand tie of Autumnal Tropicals

Ginger and Heliconia Autumnal BouquetAvailable as a hand-tied bouquet for £27.98

To get that autumnal tropical feel, without the grandness of the previous flowers, how about a more compact version that sit perfectly on a kitchen counter? This compact bouquet comes with three gorgeous Ginger Lilies and two stunning red and orange Heliconia. Who knew Autumn could be so tropical?

5. Potted Autumnal Arrangement with gold tinted Roses

Autumnal with orange gold rosesAvailable for £29.99, including the pot

This cute potted Autumnal Arrangement is perfect as a gift, whether it’s to celebrate a birthday or a new job, or simply as a thank you. The arrangement is filled with the beautiful richness of golds, oranges, greens, reds and yellows that are associated with the season, and feature orange Gerberas, gold tinted Roses, red Asiatic Lilies, spray chrysanthemum and finished with gold solidago, steel grass, red oak leaves and salal. The pot itself is square but curved on the edges, and is decorated with a red ribbon featuring a dangling heart (which of course can be requested for removal if you aren’t THAT fond of the recipient and don’t want them to get the wrong idea!).

6. Summer nostalgia with Sunflowers

Sunflower Autumnal BouquetAvailable as a hand-tied bouquet for £34.99

Again, part of Autumn is holding onto those last moments of the summer while waiting for Christmas to arrive, and what better way to do that than this cheerful Sunflower hand-tied bouquet? Featuring five sunflowers, four white pink roses, four pink roses and finished off with Solidago, Eucalyptus and Cinera to bring a bit of Autumn into the summer flowers. An additional vase is £11.99, or pop it into a short vase at home.

7. Tropical Oranges and Reds, with majestic Tropical leaves

Ginger Lily and Heliconia Autumnal BouquetAvailable as a hand-tied bouquet for £34.99

This gorgeous tropical hand-tied bouquet features a stunning array of tropical foliage, which really brings out the tropical feel of the flowers. This features two Heliconias, four Ginger Lilies and two ‘Pig Faces’ – also known strangely enough as ‘Nipple Fruit’ and ‘Tit Plant’ due to it’s rare appearance. The ‘Pig face’ is actually an unusual bright yellow fruit, which is often used in Chinese New Year decorations, with a lemon-like appearance. Despite the strange name, the fruit gives a wonderful feel to the whole hand-tied and is bound to create curiosity as people admire the flowers.

8. The decent into Winter

An Autumnal BouquetAvailable as a hand-tied bouquet for £39.98

This wonderful hand-tied bouquet to me, signifies the surrender to Winter’s approach, featuring white’s and purple with the last hints of orange and yellow pushing their way through. The bouquet has two beautiful yellow Freesias, two pale yellow Carnations, four orange Roses, three pink spray Roses, four blue Lisianthus and 3 white Dutch roses, with salal foliage. What better way to open up into December.